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Hip and eco-chic

Discover the latest JUJA Wear collection of UV clothing for children here

Young or old. It doesn't matter. We all love to be out on the beach, in the pool or on our towel in the sand. So do our children. And all responsibly. JUJA Wear wouldn't be JUJA Wear if we didn't come up with a solution: a mix of hip and sustainable. Voilà: JUJA's newest protective swimwear collection is now available in our web shop. From T-shirts to shorts for girls and boys aged 0 to 16 and from swim sets to caps for your little baby. And all with the unique prints and colors.

Navy look to tiger print

Protect your child from sun damage and sunburn by wearing JUJA Wear's cheerful UV clothing with a protective factor of SPF50+. Sounds good, right? After all, playing on the beach is even more fun, enjoyable and safe that way. Not only for your child, but also for you, as a parent. So, we have good news: our collection of UV-resistant children's clothing is expanding. And we're doing it in style, of course. While the protective swimwear in our shop was previously available in pink and blue or with a navy print and stars, we are now adding a very nice print: the leopard print. Also known as tiger print or ocelot. Can you already see it? Your child, toddler or mini-adult swimming in the sea in a UV-shirt with a trendy leopard print. And even better: no fewer than 9 PET bottles have been used in such a shirt. Bottles that you might otherwise have come across as (litter) on the street. That's what we call a win-win situation.

From PET bottle to swim shirt

First we go back to the beginning: the PET bottles. At JUJA Wear, we make our swimwear out of recycled PET bottles. Besides protecting children from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays such as sunburn, aging and skin diseases, this also minimizes their carbon footprint. The PET bottles are collected, returned and processed by a specialist company into high-strength polyester. Also called; the raw material we use at JUJA Wear for our protective swimwear. Perfect for a nice, warm and sunny summer day. Because as much as 98% of UVA and UVB rays are blocked by the UV swimwear on the covered parts of the body.

New print in the collection

A UV bikini with navy print, a swimsuit with old timers on it or a bathing suit with stars or a pink tiger print. Everything is possible at JUJA. So, it won't surprise you that besides innovation, we also focus on a unique style. We keep innovating, also in our new collection. Although we love the protective pink tiger print swimsuit, bikini and swim shirt, we are happy to complement the collection with the more classic leopard print. It is timeless and so easy to combine. Because how nice is it to combine it with one of our sun hats or a nice slipper for the beach. Not only safe for your child, but also for you. After all, with this print you'll never lose sight of your child while shoveling sand, flying kites or paddling.

Even more quality news

Besides the UV resistant tiger print bikini, swim shirt, swimsuit and bodysuit, we are adding plenty of other new items to our collection of protective swimwear. Like the dark blue UV cap with an adjustable chin cord. Very suitable for your baby. There is also a variant of the navy bikini for girls. This way, besides the sustainable aspect, we can also give our attention to the quality of the collection. The various items are strong, style-retaining, colorfast, breathable, quick-drying and also very comfortable to wear. Oh, and did we mention fashionable and timeless? Perfect to pass on to brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, or the kids next door after use. Will you let your child be the star of the show safely this summer? Wear JUJA and protect your skin, your child, and the planet. This summer can't go wrong already! 

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