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Our mission

The mission of JUJA

JUJA can rightly be called 'a brand with a mission'. A twofold mission even. JUJA makes sustainable, comfortable and protective UV swimwear that is fashionable. In the creation and production of the various UV protective items, recycled PET bottles are used as the raw material for the polyester from which the clothing and accessories are made.


JUJA and awareness of sun behaviour

JUJA is fully committed to responsible sunbathing and awareness. Every human being should be able to enjoy the sun carefree. Playing and enjoying the sun wisely is becoming an increasingly important and topical subject in Europe and the Netherlands as well. Applying sunscreen alone is increasingly proving to be insufficient protection. Sunburn at a young age increases the risk of developing skin cancer later in life. This awareness is becoming more and more apparent to us. In countries such as Australia and England, UV swimwear has been part of the standard wardrobe of children and adults for years. Think about how people looked at wearing ski, bike or even moped helmets many years ago. There have been times when they have been tastefully laughed at. Terms like 'exaggerated', 'weird' and 'ridiculous' were heard. Now such forms of protection are self-evident, because who willingly exposes their child or themselves to the risks posed by UVA and UVB rays? JUJA devotionally contributes to this awareness and does everything in its power to ensure that the younger generation is also well protected from the sun.


JUJA, swimwear made from recycled PET bottles

The JUJA swimwear, with the highest achievable UPF50+, protects children from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. This combination makes JUJA unique and innovative. The main advantages of JUJA's UV protective clothing over 'normal' clothing. UV clothing:

- Protects the skin against sunburn, ageing and skin diseases.

- Blocks 98% of UV radiation.

- Protects against UVA and UVB radiation.

- Provides the maximum UPF 50+ protection where 'normal' clothing protects up to a maximum of UPF 15.


JUJA and sustainability

How beautiful is it that the JUJA swimwear provides UV protection and is also made from recycled PET bottles? That’s why the JUJA logo is a PET bottle. As well as being aware of sunshine behaviour, JUJA also plays a major role in sustainability in the JUJA label. JUJA strives to make a 'recycled protective lifestyle' the new standard. Not only through the use of recycled PET bottles, but also through the quality and (therefore) sustainability of the various items. The items are so strong and sustainable that they can easily be passed on to brothers, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriends and even future generations. Furthermore, the thread that is used is made of organic yarn, the label are made of recycled paper and the poly bags are made of recycled plastic. Even during transport from the manufacturer to the Netherlands, transport by boat is chosen instead of the more environmentally damaging aeroplane. As you can read, JUJA works as sustainable as possible.

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