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Sensible sun behavior

Here's how JUJA Wear takes its responsibility

Jan Willem van der Sterre initiated JUJA Wear and, together with Charlotte, the parent of Julia, James and Jack. Jan Willem lost his father to skin cancer. This is one of the reasons why he started looking into UV protective clothing. He aims to reduce the number of cases of skin cancer, as the number of patients is still rising. People are not sufficiently aware of the fact that they have to protect themselves if they expose themselves or their children to the sun for a long time,' he explains.


From the moment Jan Willem lost his father to skin cancer, he has focused entirely on creating responsible sun behavior and UV-protective clothing. In this way, Jan Willem hopes to make other parents aware of the seriousness of the situation. He does this with passion by setting a good example himself and, of course, by producing clothing in which your child can go down the slides fanatically all day long, build hundreds of sandcastles or sunbathe on the beach just like mummy. Even though the latter often doesn't last as long as expected. That's no bad thing. As long as the children are protected and can enjoy the nice weather carefree. And preferably in style too. Happy kids, happy parents.

The beginning of JUJA Wear

Yet JUJA Wear is not the company where it all started for Jan Willem. His journey from bottle to garment started in 2011 at UV-Fashions. A company that grew into Europe's largest provider of UV protective swimwear and accessories for the entire family. You can understand that after nine years of knowledge and experience, the UV clothing expert decided it was time for his own brand: JUJA Wear. A Dutch brand that specializes in recycled UV-resistant swimwear named after his children Julia, James and Jack, in other words: JUJA. That's not the only thing in Jan Willem's company with an underlying thought, by the way. Take a look at JUJA's logo: a PET bottle. Simply because it reflects exactly what JUJA Wear stands for. At JUJA, all UV swimwear is made of recycled PET bottles. And all in an environmentally friendly way. It plays a big role in the JUJA label: sustainability. Every day we work hard to make 'recycled protective lifestyle' the new standard.

The protection of the PET bottle

Dreaming away on your towel on the beach or by the hotel pool, but also in your own garden or at the campsite. It's great to have a carefree life, but how nice would it be to be able to continue this for the rest of the sunny days? At JUJA, we're therefore fully committed to responsible sunbathing. Sunburn at a young age can have big consequences later in life. Which of course we'd like to prevent sustainably: by recycling PET bottles into UV-resistant swimwear for kids. One UV swim shirt, for example, is made from as many as nine PET bottles. The polyester contained in these bottles allows us to protect children from the nasty effects of ultraviolet radiation, such as sunburn, aging or skin diseases, by making UV-resistant swimwear. 98% of UVA and UVB rays are blocked by our sun wear and provide the maximum UPF50+ protection. In contrast, normal clothing protects children up to UPF 15. A big difference, but easy to solve: wear JUJA.

High responsibility

Besides the protection, JUJA Wear also focuses on the quality of the clothes. The UV-resistant collection, consisting of swim shirts, swimsuits, sun hats, bikinis and long sleeves is very fashionable, colorfast, breathable, quick-drying and finally, comfortable. JUJA Wear takes from A to Z its responsibility when it comes to quality and sustainability. Your order will always be delivered to you in an environmentally friendly way. Besides the organic yarn, the recycled paper labels and the poly bags we use, we also take care of the journey your order makes. Here's to a carefree and unforgettable summer.

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